London Motorcycle Training

Find Motorbike training near you in London with London Motorcycle Training. Based in 35 locations across London working with the highest quality instructors is something that we pride ourselves on.

Motorcycle Training London can be found in North London, South London, West London and East London. Popular areas include; Wembley, Edgware, Tottenham, Walthamstow, Richmond, Croydon, Crystal Palace and Shepherds Bush.

Training with London Motorcycle Training means that you will be training with the highest quality motorbike instructors who specialise in getting you on two wheels safely and easily. Bike training is made easy with London Motorcycle Training.

In collaboration with RideTo who are the largest training platform in the UK, London Motorcycle Training can support you on your journey towards unrestricted freedom. Whether you are looking for a A1 Licence, A2 Licence or full A licence then we have you covered.

What Is The Cost of Motorcycle Training?

The cost of motorcycle training in London ranges from between £700 and £1000 for your motorcycle licence.

The first step on to two wheels is to take your CBT Training, this costs between £95 and £130 in London and the full list of locations can be found here for London CBT Training.

Following taking your CBT Training you will need to take your theory test and then you will be able to qualify for your full bike training in London.

Full motorcycle training for one of your AM Licence, A1 Licence, A2 Licence or full A licence will take between 5-7 days that can be split over a number of days, weeks or months. This training will vary in cost due to instructor, rent and equipment costs. A full list of London motorcycle licence locations can be found here.

What Does London Full Licence Training Entail?

Full Licence training in London takes between 5-7 days worth of training. This training includes your two module tests. Full licence training module 1 is an off-road test and module 2 is an on-road test.

If you are a rider who has been riding on a CBT licence for the last 2 years, commuting 10 miles per day every day we would recommend a 6 day full licence package. This is to ensure that you pass successfully with no retakes. For more information on the different types of motorcycle licences, click here.

Module 1 is carried out on DSA approved off-road premises where no road traffic will be present, allowing the rider to take the test in a ‘more comfortable’ environment. The DSA invigilator when then assess that you are proficient in the following elements: Slow riding, U-turns, figure of eight, swerve/avoid procedure and emergency stops.

Module 2 ensures that you will be able to handle various road and traffic conditions for a duration of 35-40 minutes. The DSA examiner will be in an ear piece connected to one that you also have throughout the road ride.

The following Module 2 testing events that the examiner needs to evaluate are a competent hill start, pull in and away from a kerb and a free ride for approximately 10 minutes. You are permitted to make up to 10 non serious faults such as leaving hazards on for a short amount of time. No major faults are permitted.

What Can I Ride On a Bike Full Licence?

In London, a full bike licence will allow you to ride any bike that you wish if you are above the age of 24 and undertake and succeed in A licence training. If you are under the age of 24 you will be restricted in what you can rider.

If you are 16 you can get a AM licence, 17-18 an A1 licence, 19-23 A2 licence. For a full breakdown in what you can ride on one these licences then click the link in the header to find out more.

What Our Students Say

Kuba Tomaszewski

Kuba Tomaszewski


"Brilliant experience!
Everything from online booking to completing the training went nice and smooth. Ed from West Thurrock is an awesome tutor! Even though it was my renewal and already had experience riding motorbike I was still able to improve my skills and knowledge. Also big thanks to Vince for nice service."

Kiran Smith

Kiran Smith


"Clear, professional teaching, no time wasted. The instructor was happy to answer all questions about bikes and riding in general. A great introduction to road riding."

Wing Yao

Wing Yao


"I had no experience with motorbikes, I decided to purchase the peace of mind add on with my CBT, just in case. My cautiousness paid off, as I did not manage to complete my first CBT successfully. Fortunately, using the add on, Vince, arranged for me to do the course again once he had confirmation of my first attempt from the training instructor. He was very easy to deal with and I managed to pass at the second attempt a few weeks later. Overall, a good experience."