A1 Licence London

The A1 Licence is available for anyone who is above the age of 17 and looking to remove the restrictions of a CBT and ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter.

London A1 motorcycle licence is also considered a “permanent CBT”. This is due to riders on a A1 licence being able to ride on motorways, remove L plates and carry pillion passengers.

On a CBT certificate you will need to renew the licence every 2 years. Once you succeed in your A1 motorcycle training then you will no longer need to complete any further training in the future.

The exception to this is if you wish to ride the roads of London on a larger engined bike and therefore move on to a A2 licence or full unrestricted A licence.

What Bike Can I Ride On a A1 Licence?

For your A1 London motorcycle training you will be able to train on an automatic or manual motorbike. If you choose to train using a manual then you can ride either an automatic or manual post training.

However, if you choose to take your A1 Licence on an automatic you are limited to riding only automatic motorbikes and scooters only.

What Do I Need to Take Motorcycle Training?

In order to undertake you A1 motorbike training in London you will need to be at least 17 years of age and secondly you will need to have a valid driving licence which can be any of the following:

  • UK Provisional Licence (Apply Here)
  • UK Full Driving Licence
  • EU Driving Licence (A D91 Form must also be obtained from completing a D9 Form)

Before you take your A1 motorcycle training in London you will need to hold two things. The first is a CBT certificate, you will need to complete the one day course that is compulsory basic training (CBT).

The final requirement before undertaking your A1 Licence motorcycle training is to take your motorcycle theory test. Once you have succeeded in gaining your theory certificate then you can start your motorcycle journey with your A1 motorcycle test.

A1 Motorcycle Training Courses in London

Our A1 Motorcycle training courses in South London, East London, West London and North London are typically run over 3 days. During the 3 days you will be trained so that you pass both Module 1 and Module 2. A typical 3 day course will be the following:

Day 1: Day 1 is your first day towards your A1 motorcycle licence. The first day comprises of two half days of motorcycle training. The first part of the day is to make sure that you have a base level of riding standard. If you ride most weeks this should not be any worries for you. 

The basic manoeuvres include mirror checks, blind spot checks, position on road and roundabout procedures. The second half of the day is focusing on Module 1 training. 

Module 1 training is taken in an off-road location so that the instructor can take you step by step through all the exercises in your module 1 test. 

Day 2: In the morning of your Day 2 A1 motorcycle training you will have a quick refresher from Module 1 training. Then you head to the local test centre and you will be fully ready to pass your Module 1 test. 

After your module 1 test and pass we will take you around the ‘most likely’ Module 2 routes for your upcoming test. 

Day 3: Day 3 is a repeat of Day 2 where you will review Module 2 training before taking your test. Module 2 is the on-road test and you will take this at the test centre, the same as Module 1.

With the 3 day package you do have limited training compared to a 4 day package where you will be able to have the extra time for Module 2 training to perfect your A1 motorbike skills.

Click here to take your A1 licence or call us and let us design the best package for you.