A2 Licence Motorcycle Training London

The category A2 motorcycle licence is available for anyone over the age of 19. The A2 lifts the restrictions of the CBT licence whilst having a restriction on the size of the engine output to 35kw (46.6bhp)

An A2 licence will allow you to ride without CBT restrictions, therefore, you will be able to ride on motorways, with passengers and without L plates.

What Can I Ride On a A2 Motorcycle Licence in London?

Once you have succeeded in passing your A2 motorcycle tests you will be able to ride any motorbike or scooter that you choose as long as the power output is restricted to 35kw.

The restriction to your licence remains in place until you upgrade your licence to a full motorcycle licence. When you do take your full A licence you will be able to take just the two module tests again to demonstrate your ability to control a larger output motorbike.

The A2 Motorcycle Training Course

Our A2 motorcycle training courses in London are typically either 3 or 4 days worth of training and tests.

The A2 motorcycle licence tests are split into two parts, the first is module 1 which is off-road and the second is module 2 which is an on-road test.

Module 1 is in place so that you demonstrate basic handling of the motorbike and module 2 is to show the examiner that you can handle everyday situations on the roads.

A typically 3 Day A2 motorcycle training course would involve the following:

Day 1: Day 1 will contain both module 1 and module 2 training.

Day 2: Day 2 will consist of module 1 training in the morning before riding over with our instructor to the exam site for your module 1 test in the afternoon.

During this time the instructor will give you any last minute advice and ensure that your ride over to the exam is at least an hour long to ease you in to your test.

Day 3: Day 3 is similar to Day 2, where you will recap module 2 training before undertaking the test afterwards.

You will be unable to take your module 2 test until you succeed in passing your module 1 exam. We will not book your time in with the instructor for Day 3/module 2 until you succeed in your module 1.

At the time of your original booking we will book you in for the days of motorcycle training leading up to your module 1 exam. We will then leave the module 2 training and exam dates as ‘to be confirmed’ (TBC).

In all cases the amount of training desired is up to the pupil, as you can see from the above guideline, 1 full day of training for both modules may seem a little rushed. In many cases this is the case, so we always recommend going for a 4 day package.

How Do I book my A2 motorcycle training in London?

There are many options for you to book your training. You can:

  • Book online here
  • You can book over the phone 02036039652
  • You can come into the office to pay cash, to arrange please call 02036039652.

What Do I Need To Take My A2 Motorcycle Training in London?

Before undertaking your A2 licence you will need to meet some basic requirements to ensure that you are legally able to take the motorcycle training.

You must be able to confirm that you:

  • Have a valid UK driving licence, UK provisional licence or EU licence (UK counterpart licence)
  • Have a valid CBT certificate
  • Have a valid Theory certificate
  • Have a good understanding of the Highway code
  • Can understand and speak English to a good level